Jewelry is always a good detail to surprise a woman. It is a gift that lasts over time and that increases its value over time; not only economic, but more especially sentimental. The pieces always remember the loved one who has given them and usually go from generation to generation, occupying an important place.

Now, what jewel should you choose for each type of woman? We are not all the same. When choosing a piece you must take into account the personality and lifestyle of the recipient of it. This detail is super important if you don't want the piece in question to spend its life resting at the bottom of a jewelry box.

Here are some guidelines to find the key and ensure that both the jewel and its wearer shine with their own light.

Timeless jewels for the most classic. Many women do not get carried away by fashion. They are very clear about what they like and what suits them well and they do not usually take risks. They do not need anything to feel beautiful and sure of themselves. They prefer to resort to the basics that never fail them. In this case, it is advisable to resort to classic pieces, such as a ring with a solitaire, a tous bracelet with a traditional design... In short, one of those jewels that never go out of style and can accompany you throughout your life.

Bold jewelry for lovers of trends. In this case you have to break molds. Immerse yourself in what's hot: materials, designs, colours, shapes... Get a seasonal piece that will occupy a privileged place in their most outstanding looks in the coming months. You will surely know how to reuse it in future outfits. Creativity is usually very present in this type of personalities.

Small and subtle jewels for the most discreet . In addition to classics, there are people who do not like to stand out at all. They prefer small details that go unnoticed. Although not for that reason they have to be insignificant pieces. They do not value the size, but do not neglect the design. Observe their tastes before launching yourself for the first stone you find.

Maxi jewels for the most daring. Nothing like a huge ring, some super flashy earrings or a super fun pendant to grab the attention of a woman in arms. Look at the accessories that she usually wears. If she usually gives priority to large accessories, choose a piece of jewelery that will not leave her indifferent. You better go over than come up short!